Supply Chain Challenges

Posted by on 10/9/2021 to News

In normal times buying raw materials to print and manufacture products requires a dependable and undisrupted supply chain. The scale of the COVID-19 pandemic's impact eclipses anything most manufacturers have experienced before.

In addition to the core materials that we use in our printed products such as paper, label stock and signage substrates, we are also experiencing challenges in a competitive labor market, shipping containers, freight, logistics, inks, resins, and more. The increased demand and limited availability of material and services has had a huge impact on turn times and the final cost of goods.

EGP is working hard to help minimize the impact of this market volatility and forthcoming price increases, including stocking as much material as we can in our facility to meet demand. There are a few other things you can do, too, to continue navigating these challenges.

Keep informed: Watch the market drivers and how they are causing price increases and potential delays.

Be strategic order planning and volume

Be aware of upcoming price increase, there will be quite a few industry wide in November this year (2021)

Place your orders well in advance. Lead times have nearly doubled over the last few months, so plan accordingly

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