New Healthcare Product

Posted by on 9/23/2021 to News


EGP’s newest healthcare product is hitting the shelves in October
How many times have you asked yourself if you took your medication or vitamin today? Our patented design was created to help keep the consumer on track and supply them with an easy reminder. A 12-month calendar is printed on an 7” x 10-1/2” sheet with each month being a label that can be peeled off and applied to the consumers bottle of medication or vitamins. Once they have taken their daily dose, they then scratch off today’s date with their nail or a coin to signify that the dose has been taken. It won’t take up any more room than the bottle does, unlike some of the competition. It’s simple to use and cost less than others


Full 12 months (starting with October 1, 2021) 7” x 10-1/2” sheet 2” x 1-1/2” monthly label size 100 per package Order as low as 100 for stocked form Custom* runs start as low as 1000 sheets and can include up to 2 PMS colors along with black Leave labels on the full sheet to hang on the refrigerator, or peel off each month to apply directly to the bottle and scratch your way to certainty

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