New Envelope Product

Posted by on 5/13/2022 to News
Introducing our new envelope the WSGCE-2093-S. It is a Number 9 double window envelope, gum seal, with a side seam. Comparable to the WSGCE-2093 envelope that has a diagonal seam. The double windows match up with checks and statements. Company name and return address shows through upper window for a professional look. Addressee information shows through the lower widow. Compatible with laser checks and forms

 • 3-7/8” X 8-7/8” 
 • The upper window size is: 7/8” X 3-1/2” (from left - 5/16” and from bottom - 2-1/2”)
 • The lower window size is: 1-1/8” X 3-5/8” (from left - 3/4" and from bottom - 1/2")
Security Features:
• Inside tint
• Thumb cut on flap to hold contents in place • 24lb white wove stock

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