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Take your customers’ shopping experience to the next level with our custom gift bags. Gift bags let you package a customer’s purchase in a way they will always remember. With special touches like specialty tissue paper and personalized ribbon, you can customize your bag in a way that reflects your brand. Another great use of our paper gift bags– especially holiday gift bags – and add gift tags as an additional product offering at your store.
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Gift bags: Wholesale considerations
When looking to purchase gift bags, wholesale pricing makes our large variety of bulk gift bags even more irresistible. Choose from our selection of large gift bag sizes for holding multiple products at once. On the other end of the sizing spectrum, we have small gift bags that are perfect for product samples, favors or even small jewelry boxes. And with such an extensive size range we can make sure that every product has the perfect bag to match. We also offer multiple color and material options for further personalization. Add logo imprinting to create a beautiful customized gift bag that is sure to make all you customers’ friends want to take a trip to your store
Why choose custom gift bags
Paper gift bags are a great packaging option that do not require tedious cutting, folding and taping to get a customer’s purchase beautifully wrapped and out the door. Gift bags can be stored flat and can easily be embellished for different occasions or personalized for specific recipients. Especially during your busiest seasons, you know you can simply place products into a gift bag, place in some colorful or patterned tissue paper, add a card or tag, and it is ready to go. When you choose quality gift bags, and add your logo or a custom sticker, you extend your brand reach when customers carry the bags home, or if they reuse them later.