business envelopes

Our single and double window envelopes will save you hours of addressing time. Available with a variety of special features to speed delivery and capture attention. Security lined for confidentiality. Return address is pre-printed on single window and non-window envelopes. Imprinting options include barcodes, FIMs (Facing Identification Marks), special callouts, logos and colored ink. Custom envelopes - get your envelope your way. We can customize the window size as well as the window placement. Envelope enhancements - logos provide instant recognition to existing and potential customers. Use your own logo or use one of our standard logos. Add a special callout such as invoice enclosed or open immediately to capture attention and increase response. Barcodes - get faster delivery with a barcode. Provide your nine-digit zip code in a machine-readable format. Barcodes and FIMs available at a nominal charge. 100% quality guarantee and compatible with accounting software programs. Envelopes specifically designed for the check, form or software program that you are currently using. IRS approved Tax Form Envelopes also available

Our range from healthcare to financial products and everything in between. Our diverse line carries many compatible envelopes from other vendors. Custom envelopes are always an option, or pick from our plain or imprinted stock items

Our healthcare envelopes cover your needs from sending out claims in small to large envelopes, to billing patients with pre-inserted envelope sets

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